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Great Tips for Picking
Good Hairdressers in Wellington

Tina Fox shares her tips and experience in choosing top Wellington Hairdressers

Best Tips For Choosing
Good Wellington Hairdressers

by Tina Fox - Wellington Hair Stylist/Director at Taboo Hair Salon

The Right Kind Of Experience
There are basically two different types of experience when it comes to hairdressers, those with experience and those with well rounded experience.
By "Well Rounded" I mean a stylist who has been exposed to lots of different styles and hairdressing techniques, because of working at many different salons and locations over the span of their career.

The pr0blem with many hairdressers is that they're been working at the same place for years, doing the same clients, the same old hairstyles since who knows when. And simply fail to stay current with the latest styles and trends. Suburban hairdressers can be especially guilty of this. Continued industry training is a must if good hairdressers are to develop and fully
utilize their skill set as fashions change.

I would choose a hairdresser who's had some city hair salon experience under their belt or at least someone who has worked overseas for a time.
As they're usually always just that wee bit better at hairdressing than others.

Make Sure They're Qualified
One thing that really surprised me while working at various salons around Wellington was the number of hairdressers who weren't actually qualified. But, would tell clients that they were.

Besides this being blatantly misleading and potentially being at risk of a bad haircut. The chemicals used by hairdressers today can definitely be very risky business in the hands of poorly trained and unqualified people.

Look-out for the New Zealand Association of Registered Hairdressers (NZARH) logo when selecting a hair salon. As member salons have successfully met the strict professional requirements for joining the association.

Ask Friends & Colleagues
Next time you see a friend or an acquaintance with a hairstyle that you like, don't be afraid to ask them who their hairstylist is and what they think of them. At least you can see firsthand the quality of their work and get an unbiased opinion of the hairdresser.
A large percentage of my new clients come to me from referrals and word of mouth, so get asking.

Good Communication Skills
Most hair salons provide new clients with a no obligation, free consultation with a hairstylist. Not only is this an excellent opportunity to interview the hairdresser to evaluate their experience and qualifications. But also it allows you the chance to assess their communication skills and find out whether you feel comfortable with them or not.

The best hairdressers are excellent listeners. They should be able to listen to exactly what you want and properly advise you as to the best way to achieve it. Good hairdressers can verbally take you through the entire hairstyling process explaining step by step what they intend to do.
If you think the hairstylist has had trouble doing that. You should perhaps try another hairdresser. Remember no obligation means just that.  

Call Now for a free consultation with Tina Fox
at Taboo Hair Salon, Karori, Wellington (04) 476 7077.

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